Feeling Unloved? Remember God loves you to the nth power.

http://41.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mbf4prAG5y1qdaq7jo1_500.jpgYou would wonder why nth power? You would always hear it in mathematics or related to that subject. It means an unspecified ordinal number, usually the greatest in a series of values or simply put to the utmost or extreme.
Isn’t amazing? Your Father in heaven loves you very much and He even commanded His angels concerning you to guide you in all your ways, they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone (Psalms 91:11-12). Get that? That’s how much God loves you that He’s not going to hurt you even a bit.
So when you feel being so unloved keep this in mind, God loves you with an everlasting love. If you feel that the world is against you, run to Him and cry out when things are not going easy, but always believe that He will always there for you.
Never lose faith and hope that everything will come to pass. Celebrate in His love for He alone can satisfy the needs of your heart. Take heart for all the troubles, it is there to strengthen you.
But I’m warning you, the enemy will try to make you remember of the things that hurt you, sadness will snatch you from God’s power. Tears will blur the sight of joy and harsh words will deafen you from the promising words of God. Lies will mute you from speaking the truth. Hurt will cause you to become idle and will dishonor God.
However, all you need to do is set aside the hurt of being unloved. Forgive the ones who hurt you, but never forget the lesson they teach you. Love until it hurts no more. The kind of love Jesus taught us to give.
And last but not the least, whenever you feel unloved, rejected and ignored. Remember to whom you are belong and you are love to the nth power!


Unwavering Love


God is the one who knows my pain,
Released me from the agony’s chain.
Renewed my heart that once was broken,
And love me no matter what happen.

His love is unwavering
His mercy never fails
Without Him I am nothing
Without Him my ship wouldn’t sail.

My heart is longing to see His face,
And to thank him with all His grace.
Bless me, oh God, and forgive all of my sins.
I love you Lord, please make me wise and keen.

New Found Hope


No purpose to live
That’s what I thought of my life.

Loving alone
Forever alone…

Efforts were blown
Mistakes are known
Lost purpose to live
No joy to give

But everything change
I am changing
I thought of these troubles
Like a game so challenging

Almost a year of being
A daughter of a great King
Who gave me salvation And everlasting peace
Renewed my life again and gave me bliss

photo-credit: http://www.mwordsandthechristianwoman.com/



Remember the first time you said you love me?
Remember the first time you hold my hand?
It’s been a while we shared those memories,
But now in your life I don’t know where to stand..

I am sadden by the coldness of your actions
As if it was telling me, I’m not important anymore.
The spark that shine in your eyes are not there,
There’s no more love but an ordinary stare.

Losing… The word echoing in my head
Why not? If I’m the only one who’s fighting not to end,
The love we’ve created together
Now a mere memory, you feel no longer..

However, there’s nothing I can do
But to offer you to God who’s love is true.
Hope He could let you see what I’ve been through
When you will no longer say “Iloveyoutoo”.

Mutual Love


I can recall the moment you came into my life
At the very start, you are a brother helping me with all my strife
But as the days went by, I just can’t recall
How this love grew and to you I started to fall…

I never expected that you will feel the same.
But you showed me your love without hesitation or shame
You told me that you are willing to wait…
Because you said you don’t want a never so it’s better to be late.

You made me happy with the simple things that you do…
Even though we don’t have the commitment but our love is true.
Hope you will never change and be with me,
Through thick and thin and life’s eternity.

Finally, my love had made sense
And I will love you no matter what happens
You gave me your heart and I gave mine to you…
Praying this would last forever and won’t make us blue.