About Me

I don’t know about you. You don’t know about me. This blog was created as a way to express the feelings hidden from the real world that I tried suppressed. I know this may sound ridiculous please don’t judge me by what you can read on my blog. I am wounded inside and badly needed a hug.

I wanted others to know that they are not the only one suffering from sadness, pain, loss, rejection and brokenness. We all are. And you are not alone. Others hide their emotions really well but deep inside their problem is much greater than you. We have different coping mechanisms and we have to develop one or else we will be crushed by the overflowing big waves of life.

As you read my blog and can relate to its content. I hope it gives you comfort that someone is sharing the same fate. Feel free to message me if you wanted to talk about something. I can’t really promise that I’ll be available anytime but I promise you I will reply.

 Feel free to give your opinion and just enjoy reading. God bless you! 😀

Motto in Life:
Good, better, best. I will never rest. Until my good is better and my better is best!
-Hope you get motivated!

P.S. Photos in this blog are not mine. Credits to the rightful owners 🙂


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