I don’t know about you. You don’t know about me. This blog is created as a way to express. The feelings I hide to the real world and tried to suppress. I know this may sound ridiculous please don’t judge me by what you can read on my blog. I am wounded inside and badly needed a hug.

I wanted others to know that they are not the only one suffering from sadness, pain, loss, rejection and brokenness. I am not saying that I am faking but what I am doing is keep moving and keep hoping.

As you read my blog and can relate. I hope it gives you comfort that someone is sharing the same fate. I hope we’d be friends dear fellow blogger. Hope this friendship doesn’t last for a moment but forever.

I dare you to read my blog and feel the emotion I had experienced. Feel free to give your opinion and just enjoy reading. God bless you! 😀

Motto in Life:
Good, better, best. I will never rest. Until my good is better and my better is best!
-Hope you get motivated!


P.S. Photos in this blog are not mine. Credits to the rightful owners 🙂


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