A Little Light During My Dark days


Oh please lins… let’s face it. You know what you wanted in life but you are just too scared to make a risk. Risking once and failing once is not the end of everything. You should know that. You should shut your mind from what people will tell you about your plans; even if its your family. Stop thinking about all those negative thoughts. It will just ruin you and will inhibit you to achieve your heart’s desires.

If you wanted to become an engineer, pursue it. Even it takes a lot of sacrifices. Even it is your health. You said it yourself, that it is just a matter of thinking. Mind over matter, remember?

Please lins… you are old enough to stop caring of what people might think as long as it is the will of God. Let them bash you for being ambitious. It is better to be like that than to be a walking zombie with no purpose and goal in life.

What are you moping for? Why is it that you’ve been down lately that you feel so empty. You are depressing your self. You are swallowed by self pity. You are too scared to try again. You always consider the opinion of others to make your own decision. So I beg you.. just this one time. Think about yourself. I know that you are branded selfish but if you are, you will not suffer this much anymore. You will not be filled with what ifs and to do lists that is pushed at the back of your mind so to forget what you’ve been aiming and worked hard for all those years.

I asked you. Where is your old self that keeps believing that everything will be better if you just do your best. Where is the lincy I knew that one obstacle is not enough to make her down. Where is the brave face you put up and keep fighting even deep inside your world is falling apart. I want to see that brave face again.

I know that sadness is inevitable. But you were sad long enough. I tolerate you being miserable for more than a year now. And it’s time to face that everything happens for a reason. That what we always believe in will come true as long as we trust and have faith in God.

Crying doesn’t comfort you anymore, so why still shed a tear? Do something lins. It is not too late for us to rise again. To see the light where we blindfold our very eyes and crept into darkness because of those one heartache and rejection. There’s more to life and you know it.

I know that even though you said you abandon your plans, you don’t have the heart to do so. You are still holding back.

Become an engineer. Go abroad. Make a name for yourself. Serve others. Become a part of God’s Ministry. Love again.

I know you can do it. But for now it won’t be easy. From the start Jesus did not promise us that the path will be a shining pavement. It will be rough but He will give us the strength to go through. Trust Him. Don’t give up. Everything will fall on its place, in His perfect time. Don’t complain… just obey.



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