Letter of my Dark Side

Life. I had enough.

All my plans… ruined. All my hopes… crushed. All my love… drained. What more are you going take away from me? Miserable as always. You have taken all the colors in my life.

Crying won’t do me good. My tears can’t bring comfort to me anymore. Even the songs are meaningless.
I had enough of this nonsense that everything will be OK when it’s not. That everything will be different tomorrow when I woke up but I still feel miserable every morning like I was last night.

I am sick and tired of pretending that things will turn out fine. That everything will get better. When? When will it be? I was growing weary with every heartache, every failure and rejection.
Even the darkness could not envelop the pain that I am feeling. And death will be just a temporary cure and I would suffer all over again.

Tell me. Do you have enough of me? Because Life I HAD ENOUGH.


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