The Sun and the Moon


There’s a sun that I know,
He makes the sky so bright it glows;
And there’s the moon so gloomy
Mysterious in her way, so spooky.
The sun didn’t know that the moon loves him,
Coz she never express it nor acclaim;
And the days pass, the sun lives normally
The moon bears the coldness, so painfully
Never ending pain she often endures
While the jolly sun, victoriously soars
The stars and clouds know the little secret
And a naughty scheme they all set
They tease the sun and the moon to each other
Thinking about it, made them both shiver
The sun’s face, smile it came
And all the while moon’s sober face went all the same
But the time came, the sun had to left
The heart of thy moon shuttered with regret
She looks as if, so weak, so vulnerable
She made her life very miserable
Not knowing the sun, also feels the same way too
He didn’t want her to noticed or to have a clue
All those times, she’s been despair
The love she wants, the sun needs to spare
All the time he also endures and bears
He wanted to scream, his love. so to declare.
The day had come, it tears them apart
They all both knew only they could mend each others heart
Tears shrieked from the face of the glorious sun
Coz he realized how he loves the moon more than life or anyone
With compassionate smile they said goodbye
Warmth hearts, everlasting love, both of them cannot deny.


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