Please tell me how to move on….


Days turned into months…. Now months turned into a year.

A year spent grieving to someone I love and lost. The one I care about but not given a chance to make him see what he really meant to me. I don’t want to let him go, but he’s already gone.

I’m trying to move on, get back in track and resume my life the way it used to be before I met him. The sparkle in my eyes are now being replaced by a sad lonely gaze.

Everyone is saying I should move on and forget. But all I did is forgive him for what he have done and continue to love him despite of those things.

I know I don’t have that cute smile, silky long hair and fair complexion like the girl he now love. But one thing he did miss, I never looked on appearance or even the personality. As long as I love you these things are not important. Even though he changed so much for a year and a half we are together, I accepted those changes and love him even more.

I know he didn’t realize I am a keeper. I believe I am. But I know that if letting him go will make him happy, I will choose to be alone and hurting than seeing him like that with me. Now my biggest problem is I am trying to forget but couldn’t.


22 thoughts on “Please tell me how to move on….

  1. About a month ago, it was you who had commented on one post about believe in god…. I guess you should too, have faith in god, pray for healing coz everything will be better.
    You know what, guys are like this, they may have one on the first day, and then the next day they’ll dump the first one and find another girl. They don’t even realist how much they have hurt us.
    They don’t understand how a broken heart feels.
    Think about how much happier you were when he wasn’t there. Think about how u had a better life when he wasn’t there.
    I think, u should stop thinking about him. Stop, because you didn’t deserve him. There’s someone else in the world that will love you more than himself.
    Have patience….dear.
    Have faith.
    Everything will be fine. 🙂


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