The So-called Anxiety


The time is near, I am so nervous
I can’t help this feeling that made me so hilarious..
My heartbeat is continuous
I don’t know how to stop it and it’s getting serious..

Here it comes the bus has stopped
And all I know my heart suddenly drop
I have to faint or I have to cough
But I straighten myself just to look tough.

As I am drawing nearer and nearer into your school
I’m not in myself, I’m acting like a fool.
And there it was, it’s soaring now..
What will I gonna do if I saw you somehow..

I have calmed myself and waited patiently
My mind had said I should act normally
But heart contradicts terribly
So then and there, I act so anxiously

Our paths cross, but I walked away
I am taken aback and shyness has sway
Important words I have to relay
But it’s all unsaid because I acted delay

All I did was stare and I’m so sorry
I didn’t mean to be rude, please don’t be angry
My eyes are full of love didn’t you see?
But sad to say, courage had left me

Please understand that I’m not to be blamed
Because I didn’t mean it, I swear by love’s name
I’ll sum up next time my courage and not be ashamed
The words unsaid now, sooner or later I’ll proclaim


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