Spring Time


I cannot determine what I feel inside
I tried not to show but its so hard on my side
The sun sets, even though it hasn’t rose
Now my story, sad to admit I cannot boast

Contentment couldn’t satisfy me
No one else could ever erase my hurt and anxiety
It really hurts me I couldn’t stop the pain
My heart is like a broken glass, stained

Can somebody stop me from hurting?
And help me forget the pain and every moment dying..
I need someone who can end my reminiscing
And could delete your face in all of my restless wondering..

Who could move my soul from its stiffness
And be an inspiration and epitome of my happiness
Who could make the world sensical
Who could make the thunderstorm sounds musical

Who could never end my love without a start
And can fill the hole in my heart
Even if I stumble and fall
He would be my strong fortress or my mighty wall

Never let me down or make me sad
He would clear my frown and wont make me mad..
Who could understand the weaknesses I had..
And forever and always makes me feel glad….


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