Mutual Love


I can recall the moment you came into my life
At the very start, you are a brother helping me with all my strife
But as the days went by, I just can’t recall
How this love grew and to you I started to fall…

I never expected that you will feel the same.
But you showed me your love without hesitation or shame
You told me that you are willing to wait…
Because you said you don’t want a never so it’s better to be late.

You made me happy with the simple things that you do…
Even though we don’t have the commitment but our love is true.
Hope you will never change and be with me,
Through thick and thin and life’s eternity.

Finally, my love had made sense
And I will love you no matter what happens
You gave me your heart and I gave mine to you…
Praying this would last forever and won’t make us blue.


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