Excellent at School, Failure at Work


“Your intelligence is not measured by those numbers…”

My friend told me these words and realization comes in. I know that most people who do well at school, even the one who top in class, after graduation and got a job and don’t perform well, would relate to this article and would know my frustration.

Well, I am not bragging anything here. I just wanted to let you know that I have this realization when I took my on the job training. I am one of the students in class, who excel in academics and a responsible student president. I thought there is only one thing I am not good at, Sports.

But I was wrong. As I started my OJT at first, our training was not hard. It is like studying at school. Listening to the lecture and prepare for a quiz tomorrow. After that training, I got confident that I will do well on the actual work because I performed well and did my best. Actual work comes in, insecurities came. Our company is grading us based on our performance. And do you know what grade I got? In the edge of failing.

I was so devastated and think how stupid I am. My co-workers are performing well than me. I don’t really mind how well they are doing. It is just that I am not used to failing and performing badly. I just wanted to excel in every work that will be placed on me.

As this on the job training went on, I become aware that true intelligence is measured, how well you do with certain things outside school. It is how you managed to get out or solve a situation you have on your plate right now. So for me, I am still struggling to cope that realization and doing the best that I could surpass this frustration. Good thing there are friends that support me and encourage me not to look down to myself.

And also, I have God that is always there to remind me that He placed me here for a reason and I’ll just have to wait for the answer to my question… “Why here?”. I remember that if we have God, hope will never abandon our hearts.



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